So…. Why choose Delightful Hoops?

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We know there a lot of options out there when it comes to LED Hoops. We know because we shopped them all when we first wanted to buy one. We looked high and low. We left unsatisfied and that drove us to bring the products we provide for you. The very same Hoops we use every day.

There are certain features I found essential.

  • Rechargeable – Both for the practical reason of ease of use and the eco-consciousness of it.
  • Well-Made – I researched enough to know I didn’t trust a 69.99 LED Hoop. Why is it so cheap?
  • Durable – Honestly I drop my hoop all the time. So I didn’t want to buy this awesome LED Hoop and be afraid to practice with it and learn new tricks with it. I paid for it I want to use it!
  • The Company – Call me old fashion but I hate shopping at super stores. Next, Please! No thanks.
  • Quiet Hoop – We own both. I really prefer the quiet ones. There are so many times I hoop I don’t want to interfere with the soundscape. Shhhh…
  • Amazing Visual Affects Simply – A YouTube video to explain all the modes? Seriously a user manual?
  • Affordable – Ok I want all this but I don’t have 400 dollars.

So When I couldn’t find all these features in one place I created it in Delightful Hoops. A quality hoop I can stand behind, and stand in and jump through and dance around and…. Sorry. Squirrel!

This is why you choose Delightful Hoops:

  • Rechargeable – High Quality Rechargeable Batteries. A plug on the side of the hoop. Plug, charge, play for hours. You never have to take a Delightful Hoop apart to change batteries.
  • Well- Made – I make all the hoops I sell. I solder every connection, I assemble every component. I mind every detail.  I put my energy in to make it right so you can get what you paid for. A hoopers Hoop.
  • Durable – I drop my Rhythms’ Rainbow hoop a dozen times a day at least. I’m learning and always trying new stuff. We are participating in 30/30 Challenge at Thirty Minutes a day of hooping everyday of October. Every day Jen and I have found new ways to drop, throw, roll, slam, scuff and smash our hoops.  They get scratches and grip tape tears. But they shine on with the flick of the switch. All 28 LEDs. Bright as the first day we used them.
  • The Company – I’m Shaun I own this company and I make your Hoops. Jen is my partner and my girl. She test designs and gives input on what works and what doesn’t. My dad Shaun (I know confusing right) runs our web page. We are a family business owned and operating right here in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Quiet Hoop – Yep, Delightful Hoops are silent and solid.
  • Amazing Visual Affects Simply – We find the best LEDs and arrange them with the best design to showcase them.  An on off switch is all you need to light up the night.
  • Affordable – I will never compromise the functionality or durability of the hoop to make it cheaper.  I vow to deliver quality at a fair price. Solid high quality hoops for less than $200.

I genuinely stand behind these hoops. And I’m here to answer your questions, remedy your problems and to provide the hoops you need while you grow as a hooper. We are Delightful Hoops.

Jen with Rhythms' Rainbow by Delightful Hoops
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