We strive to provide everyone with the hoops we want to use. It’s that simple. Quality Hoops for hoopers and new-comers alike. It’s more than just hula-hooping for us. It’s not just a toy. Hooping provides an outlet and a means of expression. It provides a calorie gobbling workout; some say over 600 calories an hour when you’re really grooving. It provides endless entertainment. It is a community of accepting individuals. But there is even more to it… something known as the flow.

So, what is flow? This simple geometric shape set into motion provides access to something beyond the everyday experience. It provides a tuning fork to harmonize ourselves with the resonance of the universe. It is om in action. It is therapeutic, meditative, elevating and transcendent.  When you discover new ways to manipulate the hoop with your body and new ways to manipulate your body with the hoop you will experience an ahh-haa moment. This hoop will teach you, about itself, about yourself, your body, your energy and about the universe. These experiences are gifts to help us grow. This is what we mean by flow.

And the best part is anyone can do it! Just pick one up and start to play. It is so much fun. It makes you feel amazing.  Come to events, make new friends and see why were all hooked.  Come on in … Everyone is Welcome!!!!


“If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance.” – Talib Kwali