The Jenisis

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Jenisis hoop’s cool combination of Firefly LED’s and vivid solid colors contains a total of 28 super bright LEDs rhythmically shifting with your moves and tricks. This hoop is at the same time tranquil and audacious; made by hoopers who get it. The Jenisis Hoop is made with a top of the line, safe, eco-friendly rechargeable battery and includes a compact AC charger that plugs discreetly into the side of the hoop. No need to take apart your hoop to charge the batteries. That means fewer chances to damage the wiring and structure of your hoop and no need to purchase extra batteries. Just plug in Jenisis and it charges in about an hour and will stay bright for more than five hours of delightful hooping. Jenisis is completed with surface enhancement including sanding and wrapping with bright pink and purple woven grip to give you maximum control of your flow and makes your hoop stand out during day use. Buy a second hoop and save the shipping charges (two or more hoops on the same order are shipped free.)

Available in:
Large 40” – Good for beginners
Medium 38″ – Smaller and Lighter for the intermediate hooper.
Small 36″ – For the advanced hooper

All hoops are custom made please allow 14-days for delivery