All of our hoops are made individually by hand by us, with an attention to detail that makes our hoops the most unique, durable, reliable, brightest and most delightful hoops out there.

Our delightful hoops are all made with the top of the line safe and reliable, eco-friendly rechargeable batteries. They come with a compact AC charger, small enough to fit in your pocket that plugs right into the side of the hoop. There is no need to take apart your hoop to charge the batteries which means fewer chances to damage your hoops electrical insides and no need to purchase extra batteries. Just plug it in and it charges fast and will last for hours of bright lit delightful hooping.

All of our delightful hoops have our custom grip enhancement which includes two treatments. First your hoop will be sanded to increase the grip, help to hide future scratches and give your hoop a soft to the touch feel. Then we add bright color coordinated woven grip to give you maximum control of your flow. The woven grip really makes your hoop stand out for day use and adds dramatic contrast for night use.

You bought a hoop not a rattle. All components are insulated to hush our hoops for those quiet moments.

See we’re hoopers too. We get it. We strive to bring you the best hoops and the best possible prices with exceptional services. We are always here to please our customers and look forward to hearing feedback and seeing pictures and videos of you with your hoop in the flow.