Rhythms’ Rainbow

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Rhythms’ Rainbow Hoop is magical. The optical effect of bright white lights bursting with even subtle movement into a vivid spectrum of colors is simply spellbinding. Twenty-eight dragonfly style LEDs surround this hoop in seamless transitioning colors of purple, pink, … Read More

The Jenisis

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Jenisis hoop’s cool combination of Firefly LED’s and vivid solid colors contains a total of 28 super bright LEDs rhythmically shifting with your moves and tricks. This hoop is at the same time tranquil and audacious; made by hoopers who … Read More

deLIGHTful Hoops is now on-line

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deLIGHTful Hoops announce the opening of their on-line store. Our highest quality LED Hoops are now available – please check out our store at deLIGHTfulhoops.com. For more information about our company please chek-out our about delightful hoops here.