We’re a small family owned business with a passion for hooping and for making the best, brightest, most beautiful hoops at the best possible prices with phenomenal service. My name is Shaun Brandon. I own delightful Hoops LCC and I individually handcraft all of our hoops right here in Jacksonville, Florida USA. My partner and love of my life Jen is the face of our company and the hooper in many of our pictures and videos. My father Shaun runs our web-site and helps to make our hoops available to everyone.
All of our hoops have at least 28 Super Bright and unique LED lights. We find the most unique LEDs, combine them optimized power, quality tested materials and designs that that create phenomenal optical effects. We build your hoop by hand with attention to detail and the knowledge that you will bring this craftsmanship to life with your flow. Our hoops will not disappoint. We use these hoops too and are constantly striving to make them the perfect flow tool.
We love hooping and we love these hoops. We want you to love deLIGHTful Hoops and we want your feedback. Please contact us with any questions or comments.